Springs Preserve Tour


The Springs Preserve is commonlyknown as the “birthplace of Las Vegas”, and since 1978, has held a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Thousands of years ago, the site served as the original source of water for Native Americans living in the area. Today, the site is marked by a 180-acre cultural institution that is designed to commemorate the dynamic history of Las Vegas and provide a vision for a sustainable future.

First, attendees will take a guided tour to get an overview of the Springs Preserve. The tour will discuss the origins and history of the springs as well as the vision and collaboration to create the institute that resides on the site today.

From there, attendees will visit the Water Works Well inside the Charleston Heights Pumping Station. The well is an operational water pumping facility that is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The Water Works Exhibit contains a display of the hydrodynamic system of pipes and pumping stations that provide water throughout the sprawling Las Vegas Valley. In the exhibit, attendees will have an opportunity to view and handle equipment, such as zooplankton nets, used by researchers to monitor Lake Mead,
the source for the majority of the potable water supplied to the thirsty Las Vegas Valley. They will also view simulated models of microbes under a microscope and learn to detect the odor of ozone that is used in the disinfection process. Attendees will be able to take charge and manage a simulated model of the computer system that controls all of the treatment and distribution of potable water throughout the greater Las Vegas Valley. A great reminder of how fortunate we are to live in a country that provides safe, clean and reliable drinking water to all of its residents.

Attendees will then be treated to a guided tour on the other end of the spectrum – a bio-filtration wetland area that recycles water from the Springs Preserve to irrigate plants and flush toilets.

Wetlands have long been a low cost, low energy way to treat wastewater and provide a natural aquatic habitat for a wide variety of plants, animals and other wildlife. This tour will highlight how the preserve manages their waste products and uses sustainable alternatives to treat, reclaim, and reuse the water, including stormwater, on site. There is something for everyone on this tour; from the potable water treatment and distribution operators to the collection and wastewater treatment operators as well as stormwater professionals.

 Registration for this tour closes July 12, 2020 to allow attendee information to be submitted to the Preserve

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Event Date 08-11-2020 8:45 am
Event End Date 08-11-2020 1:30 pm