Our History
Since 1985, the Tri-State Seminar, LLC (TSS) has been providing affordable, high-quality education to water and wastewater professionals from the western United States through our annual three-day seminar. The seminar is designed to provide continuing education, professional development, and technology transfer to support the mission and vision of our Member Associations; AZ Water Association (AZ Water), California Water Environment Association (CWEA), and the Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA).

In 2019, more than 3,300 attendees joined us from 20 states and 3 countries to attend more than a dozen workshops, three different tours, and over 200 classes and engaged with over 300 exhibitors. While we did not host an event in 2020 due to the pandemic, in 2021, we managed to host a successful scaled-back event with over 2,800 attendees (even with our masks on!). In 2022, we were officially back from pandemic pandemonium! We hosted over 3,500 attendees and brought back some tours alongside our workshops. We strive to give you and your employer the very best Bang for Your Buck! Over the three-day event, we provide up to 21 contact hours to our attendees and with a registration fee of $99, that means you and your employer reap the rewards of your continued training at less than $4.75 per hour! Where else can you find high-quality training at this rock bottom price?